Medium Format and expired film

Oregon Coast weekend
Spent a day at the Oregon Coast  last weekend, using my Mamiya RZ67 for the first time along with some expired Ilford Pan F 50 film, expired 2009 and hiding in my basement with a few other 120 films with varying dates. The aging film has added some dot like textures to the image, this was an optical print on color paper, hence the sepia tone. This was a direct print from the negative with no work done to it as yet, plenty to work with I think to create the image I was envisioning.

3 thoughts on “Medium Format and expired film

    1. Thanks Adrian, that’ a great compliment, I do like Michael Kenna’s work, he’s having an exhibition here in Portland, OR in December which will be great to see.
      This print was just an optical scan straight from the negative, I haven’t taken it into a darkroom or scanned it in yet so it will hopefully improve further! I’ll let you know when I have the final result, might be a few weeks yet.

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