Stormbirds I

Stormbirds I

Went to the Oregon coast last weekend to do some more work on my black and white photography series ‘Wintercoast’. First storm of the winter, 50mph winds, rain, not ideal conditions for photos, but fun anyway. We stayed in a yurt at Beverly Beach State Park, pretty noisy with the howling wind so didn’nt sleep much, but enjoyed taking our dog Sara for a run on the beach and trying to capture some images in between squalls and sneaker waves!  The yurts and cabins in Oregon State Parks are pretty handy, most of the time they can be booked through, if you want to go with your pets though you have to phone to book. They are basic , but comfortable, camping without the tent -they have a heater, electric, lights, a fire ring and picnic table and usually bunk bed with a double on the base and a single on top, along with a fold out futon with mattress – bring your own bedding or sleeping bags.  I stayed at one at Bullards Beach State Park a few weeks ago – I had intended to camp, but the rain was torrential – first they had seen in months apparently! So I showed up and luckily as its winter they had  a yurt available for the night – few – saved a miserable night camping!


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